Joint Innovations at FSC

Joint Innovations is the area’s only patient-centered surgical home dedicated entirely to the care of outpatient total joint patients.  Instead of the usual practice of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and therapists all working independently, our coordinated team works with you from the time the surgery is scheduled through your recovery.  Our therapists come to your home before the surgery to start your “prehab” and visit you frequently after your surgery.  Our anesthesiologists utilize the latest techniques in regional anesthesia to keep you comfortable during your surgery and recovery while minimizing and often eliminating the need for opiates.  Our total joint nurse coordinator is your partner throughout the process.  Your surgeon gets daily reports on your progress and can quickly respond to any issues that may arise. Most importantly, you and your coach are full partners in your recovery.

The Joint Innovations Program Director is Dr. Scott Gelman 

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